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Movies I'd like to see, coming out soon.

Recently, I saw Ratatouille, and I saw Transformers, today. Both, great movies.

-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's already out. The nerd in me shines for Harry Potter.

-Hairspray. Well. It's a remake of a movie that was released in 1988. And.. it looks good. Releasing July 20, '07.

-I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. This movie looks funny. :) I love Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Jessica Biel. Releasing July 20, '07.

-This Is England. Already out in the UK.. But not here, just yet. Released in the USA once, for the Seattle International Film Festival. Limited releasing July 25, '07.

-The Simpsons Movie. UH. I grew up with The Simpsons. They hold a special place in my heart. Releasing July 27, '07.

-Hot Rod. It looks stupid and funny. Releasing August 3, '07.

-Stardust. Uh. NEIL GAIMAN wrote the graphic novel. Releasing August 10, '07.. and MANY, MANY various dates other places.

-Balls of Fury. It looks like one of those stupid funny movies. The guy who directed Reno 911: Miami and it's TV series is directing this. So.. yeah. Releasing August 31, '07.

-The Signal. I like the plot.. Released in the UK already, and at the Sundance/Seattle Film Festivals.. Limited releasing in the USA Sept. 7, '07.

-My Kid Could Paint That. A documentary.. Released in Jan. '07 at the Sundance Film Fest. Limitedly releasing October 5, '07.

-The Golden Compass. Hell. Yes. Good book.. and I love Nicole Kidman. Oh god. She's been my favorite actress since I was a young whipper snapper.

-Case 39. Sounds interesting. I like Renée Zellweger. I would like to hope that it is a satisfying horror film, too, because I haven't seen one in years.. too many.

-Sweeney Todd. Probably the movie I would like to see, most, since I've always known about the man, Sweeney Todd. The fact that it's gonna be another Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp as our main man Sweeney Todd, ensures success.. But anyway, I love the Sweeney Todd. I've always wanted to see the Broadway musical, but.. I won't be anytime soon, probably. So.. yeah. It's rather disturbing. Plus, I like dark comedies. :) And things having to do with crime/thrillers.. musicals.. Releasing Jan. 11, '07. (UGH. COME OUT EARLIER!)

-Untitled J.J. Abrams Project. Well. I saw the preview for this.. and it's really interesting looking. However, no title was flashed up onto the screen, so I had to go and hunt for a title online. I knew Bad Robot is the production company.. soo. Yeah. They produce the good stuff. Hahahah. But anyway, movie looks good. Releasing Jan. 18, '08

I now have unlimited text messaging due to my excessive use. Woo.

Uh, this isn't the entire list of movies I'd like to see that come out in theaters in the closer future..

BUT LORD. This already took so long to finish as a post, because I felt like adding all these links and stuff, and writing why I wanna see it.. and then organizing it in order by release date.

I spent forever on this entry. Hahaah. Unnecessarily.


I love you 8bit music.

I'm bored.

This hit me like a red brick to the head.

Around 10 PM last night, I received a text from my friend.
It read:
"Victor Duran is dead."

And at that moment. Everything crashed. Victor Duran. Dead. My first thought was, "Noo. That can't possibly be true. I just saw him less than a month ago."

I didn't even know what to say. But was there really anything to say?

He was well-liked by everyone. Always knew how to make people laugh. Seemed super friendly. He was also very intelligent and good looking. He was very well-rounded, someone you don't meet everyday. He had just graduated from Buena Park High School this year. He was so young, and probably had so much planned for his life.

Goddamn it. I can't believe this is something that really happened. I just still can't believe it, man.. You hear about people dying all the time. But I didn't expect this to happen to someone I knew. I never expected it to happen.

Rest In Peace Victor Duran.

Virginia Tech. Massacre.

Virginia Tech Massacre. Biggest massacre since Columbine. No words can express how I felt watching the news. It's sickening, that people could do these types of things. Disgusting.

33 killed. 60+ injured.

This post shall remain a public post, just so that maybe one day someone will see it. I cannot imagine the pain everyone going through, from all this. There's so many things wrong with this.

You are not alone.

"So far, things have been alright."

"No complaints, oh this is the good life."

News: Well, I have a dress and shoes from my mom for the Military Ball, and a beautiful necklace courtesy of two close friends. I'm really happy because for that.

Oh lord, I want this one Pinky Street doll of the Air Gear character Ringo. I think it's gotta be the ultimate cute. No LJ-cut, I resized the pictures, hopefully small enough to make you content.

Is it not unbearably cute? OH GODDDDD! D:

Annnd then there's this Air Gear one, also the first and only male Pinky Street. Agito/Akito!

Also unbearably cute, one of my friends bought him, we can match if I get the Ringo one, omg.

Other: I admit, I was a bit sad/upset last night, because my dad was ignoring me and telling me semi-rude things, but I wasn't mad. I have a lot to be thankful for, it seems. So, if I'm ever bummed about something like that and its nothing serious, don't worry about me. I'm fine.